Rubin R. Geehan



B. AUG 1995


Rubin R. Geehan is an artist and filmmaker who lives and works between London and his hometown Brighton. His practice, which consists predominately of written works and moving-image film, is about discovering language. His work is about finding autonomy, spirit and sensual experience in an era of acceleration. Never far from distance, home and natural spaces. He describes his work as psychogeography; being in response, and associated in practice, to his walks and runs. Ideas of the body, the mind, and the given space.

Informed by slow cinema and influenced by such works as The Green Ray by Tacita Dean, Rosa Barba’s A Private Tableaux and Margaret Tait’s Happy Bees and Were I am is here - Influenced by the romantic techniques of the past but contemporary in spirit. Stuck between things.

His Films and his written works area about shortcomings, small triumphs and breakthroughs of sorts. Clumsiness. Positioning.

    They are, if by all else, about describing that thing. That certain feeling. That feeling that is so unusual to describe. And harder to tell.
    When my body is good and exhausted. Here it comes like the easiest of things. And things fall as they ought to.
    I can now run very far. And art too, perhaps somewhat incidentally, feels much the same. It is that thing. It feels a little like this. And I am still a little far to say for certain. The quieting sound of many things. Dull and great. In Ali Smith’s Winter her words are hectic and subtle. The words, by all manner of rules, are strange and perfectly right - this is how I want my work to feel.

His work has been exhibited at Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow (2020), New Glasgow Society, Glasgow (2019), House For An Art Lover (2019), Centre For Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (2019), Wasps Studio, Glasgow (2018).

During the pandemic his work was exhibited at DS2020 (2020), Graduate Showcase (2020).

His work has also been Published in American Chordata (2018) and continues to be self-published by matter of practice.  



06.03.20 - 06.04.20
Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland


09.10.19 - 11.10.19
New Glasgow Society, Glasgow, Scotland


14.03.2019 - 20.03.2019
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland


08.11.18 - 11.11.18 Wasps Studios, Glasgow, Scotland


The Glasgow School of Art’s 2020 Degree Show was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This show is the culmination and celebration of years of study and creativity, and to lose it was a huge blow. Glasgow School of Art’s institutional response has been (at time of writing) sorely lacking.

So a group of us affected students (and generous others) have made this, DS2020 Simulator, a virtual recreation of our show that never happened, in its intended location of Glasgow’s Stow College. Our show features the work of 135 graduating students from BA fine art (painting & printmaking, sculpture & environmental art, photography), commercial design (illustration, graphic design, photography), textile design and fashion. You can freely walk around the show as you would have in real life, or select an artist’s name from the map screen to skip right to their exhibit.

Glasgow School of Art Graduate Showcase 2020

A Foreword from new Director, Penny Macbeth

27 May 2020
I am delighted to welcome you to The Glasgow School of Art Graduate Showcase 2020. We hope you enjoy our creative response to mounting a physical degree show during the current pandemic. Our digital platform enables us to share the work of our hugely talented graduates at this important moment in their careers.

As a creative community we understand and value the significance of the physical public exhibition, and its importance to the individual practitioner and their audience. Once we are able to move beyond social distancing, the GSA is committed to assisting our graduates as they enter their creative careers, supporting them to develop physical exhibitions which showcase their work. Our support will manifest itself in sponsorship and access to exhibition spaces, and our dedicated team are developing a guidance framework for this next stage as I write. Glasgow as a city thrives on the quality and volume of its exhibition and cultural programming, it is essential that the GSA and its graduates continues to contribute to this going forward and we are committed to making this happen.

The work within this exciting digital showcase represents the culmination of a student’s time with us, their unique creative journeys and signals the start of their professional lives.  You will notice as you scroll through the site exploring the work of our stud

ents, that a number of them have linked their work to the National Union of Students’ Pause or Pay campaign and a group of PGT students have chosen not to submit work at this time, the reasons for which are detailed within their personal statements.  We hope that these students will in time submit work and the digital platform has been developed to allow this.  All students can add new work as they complete it allowing them to share with you over the next 12 months the development of their practice as they transition from graduate to professional practitioner.

Penny Macbeth

Graduate Showcase link


Twenty two (hundred)

170 pp.
8×10 in, 20×25 cm
Self Published, Feb 16, 2018

Glider, Written

6 pp.
Handmade paper
5 x 21cm .
Handbound, Embossed by hand.
Below; Page 1.

Winter issue

American Chordata6, 2018

We                 are not the same

42 pp.
softback, photobook
8×10 in, 20×25 cm
Self published, May 18 2015.


Lighter than Air

2020, Super 8, colour film,
transferred to HD, digital sound; 3. 1/2 min


2020, Super8, Colour, digital sound, transferred to HD;
2min loop

Three years, Laurel Place

2019, Mini dv, colour, digital sound; 4 min

Untitled Greek film

2019, Super 8, colour film, transferred to HD, Digital sound, 4 min

Good Country

2018, Super 8, colour film, transferred to HD,
silent; 4 min

Green House

2018, Digital/Super 8, colour film, HD, Digital sound;
6 min


2018, Super8, Colour film, transferred to HD, silent;


January Morning
East Sussex, 2020
Medium Format, Digital Colour print

35mm, Digital Colour print

Kilpatrick hills
Scotland, 2017
35mm, Digital Colour print


England, 2016
35mm, Digital Colour print


Gill under the skylight

Photograph from series
We are    certainly not the same 2015 35mm, Colour Digital print


Photograph from series We are certainly not the same 2015
35mm, Colour Digital print

35mm, Colour Print

35mm, Colour Digital print

Right back there
Photograph taken from biographical series; And all of us. Coming of our age, 2018 - ongoing,
35mm, Darkroom print

ob in his flat
Glasgow, 2019
35mm, digital/colour dark room print

Glasgow, 2019
35mm, colour print

35mm, Digital print

Rome, 2018
35mm, Digital Colour print
841 x 1189mm Print exhibited at Subremesa 2018

35mm, Colour print

Before the Glasgow Blizzard
Partick, Glasgow 2018
35mm, Digital Colour print
841 x 1189mm Print exhibited at Subremesa 2018


35mm, 420 x 594mm Darkroom print

Peas Corner
35mm, Digital Colour print

35mm, 420 x 594mm Darkroom print

Sfsd stilll life
Medium Format 120mm, Digital Colour scan

Little Old Guardia
A child looks down toward the dungeon. I realise, only once I am home and my film is developed, that this is infact the case.
Rome 2015
35mm, Digital
Colour scan

I can see the cold and everything else
A irreverent series about finding pictures of nothing and everything, 2015
35mm, Digital Colour print

Good Country, 2019

Super 8, colour film, transferred to HD,
silent; 4 min

Images 1, 2, 3: Film stills 
Image 4: Installation view at at House for an Art lover, Glasgow 2019

Through a study of place, material and memory, this project attempts to describe that which exist outside of language. It is a song to the natural world and the nature of joy, a celebration of that which remains undescribed.