Shifting Boarders

Etching, ink on newsprint, 297 x 420

Image was made in response to the conflict in Syria and how the steadily escalating war was leading to both the government and multiple ethnic groups seizing the chance to redraw their own boarders. The image was made in solidarity to the Kurdistani plight in attempt to communicate the bureaucrasies behind its ultimately flawed shape.

Hawk Poster

Poster, 297 x 420, 841 x 1189 
Scratch on 120mm Negative Film 

Original image by Alex Rogers

The idea behind the poster was to create a clean recognisable image. Using heavily reduced content to counter over complication. Shaping a poster that could ultimately stand juxtaposed against an often grey autumnal Glasgow.

Bauhaus research paper

Newsprint, 297 x 420 

Physical cut and paste to Digital using photographs from Bauhaus members.

A Million Mountains

Paint on glass, 148 x 210,
later adapted into a Poster, 841 x 1189

Image was made in referance to the years dipleted snow fall (2013)


Poster, 1189 x 1682 

3rd year exhibition poster. 

Canal, ‘contemporary printmaking’ poster

Poster, 841 x 1189

Printed on newsprint like the original image. The posters were then displayed on street walls, painted with adhesive glue.

Holding Oneself

December 2019
Poster,  841 x 1189 

Self lead series of posters aimed at challenging the hollow use of language surrounding the centre/centre right campaigne trails. Using the posters as a means of distrupting the rhetoric left behind, throwing caution to the wind, both linguistically and commercially.

Poster, 841 x 1189 

Cover poster for a show that never saw the light of day (covid 19)

More or less than real

Handbound 148 x 210/Newsprint 210 x 297

A self lead zine, based on the slides of my late grandfather. 


Charcoal on newsprint, 297 x 420

Inspired by the Lykov family of six who fled to rural russia in fear of prosecution. The family effectively spent forty two years in complete isolation. They continued to live alone in the Taiga until discoverey in 1978, by which time a world war had passed them by. The work was made using minimal materials on a large scale. It was then scanned into parts and reconstructed digitally to become a series of Posters.